about me

mike and sam
my son and i. he’s pretty cool.

I live in southeast Tennessee with my family. I teach freshmen and sophomores at a Christian liberal arts college some of the time, and work in an office the rest. Since high school, I’ve worked as a teacher, a pastor, and a fireworks salesman (those last two are not as different as you might think).

I have graduate degrees in theology and sociology … and I’m working on another one.  I really like Seinfeld, good movies, English football, and bluegrass music.

Check out some posts or links to get a better feel for who I am.

–Michael D. McMullin

B.A., Psychology | Lee University | 1996
M.Div, Bible and Theology | Church of God Theo. Seminary | 2004
M.A., Sociology | University of Alabama-Birmingham | 2015
Ph.D. Social Science | Lancaster University | 2020